Custom Hand Made Ninja Style Premium Face Masks

Premium Custom Hand Made Facemasks

Our custom face masks are handmade in Las Vegas Nevada. They ship anywhere in the USA and are bundled for a low price. Hand sewn with a custom lace fit system. Available in many different styles and sizes (standard fits most, and large). *Minimize your chances of illness with a custom hand made ultra-premium mask today!

*This product is not meant to prevent any illness. Masks or cloth face coverings are recommended by the CDC to minimize the spread of illness. This product is not an N95 mask.

 The CDC recommends wearing a fabric face covering or mask. Cover yourself with style with our unique high quality hand made facemasks.

  • Made with PRIDE in the USA
  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Hand or machine washable for easy care (hand washing recommended)
  • Comfortable lace or nylon cord allows for long sessions of wear without elastic bands causing irritations around the ears.

*NOTE - This is a 100% hand made product, we try and match all colors and styles and will work to make you happy. Some variance will occur in lace and materials as the supply of many materials are still disrupted due to COVID-19

The Last Face Masks You Will Need to Buy

Our custom masks are made of breathable 100% cotton material, and are limited edition. All fabric patterns are limited and created on demand in small batches. When hand washed and hung to dry, these premium facemasks can last years.

Order Your Masks Today

Our Masks are custom made, last a lifetime and come with FREE SHIPPING. Click to get your custom masks, 2 MASKS FOR $25 (free shipping!)

No More Uncomfortable Elastics or Nose Wires

Does wearing a mask hurt your ears? It hurt ours too, and all of our masks are made to lace up comfortably behind the beck and back of the head.

Say goodbye to nosewires too, our NINJA STYLE masks fit your face PERFECTLY. With our smooth lace and nylon system you will customize your mask to the fit that is perfect for you, everytime!

Order Your Facemasks Today - Buy one for $25, Get one COMPLETELY FREE

Ordering is easy, but because we create one of a kind unique products just do the following:

  1. Pick from one of the available fabrics, BROWSE THE GALLERY BELOW to see what patterns are available
  2. Send us an email using the form below and we will email back to make your order perfect
  3. Payment is made via PayPal secure checkout, details will be emailed to you. No Paypal? We can invoice you at your convenience.


Be sure to pick backup choices in case we run out!

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Be sure to pick backup choices in case we run out!


Be sure to pick backup choices in case we run out!


These patterns can only be picked as your FREE mask. Only ONE FREE when you purchase a standard mask at $25 from the patterns above. 2 FREE when you select 2 standard patterns for $50 from above.

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Get Started, Pay and Email us Your Selections!

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